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Bangkok is one of the biggest cities in South East Asia

With that said, there are a lot of things to do and see when you visit the capital of Thailand.
I have made a list of things to do as a tourist, how to get around and where to stay. Hopefully THIS will help you plan your next trip to Bangkok!



The famous backpacker street that never sleeps. A center for budget backpackers looking for food, drinks, or shopping. During the daytime, the street is full of street stalls selling all kinds of things; clothes, electronics, souvenirs, etc. In night time, the whole street vibrates with the base from all the bars playing loud music into the night.

Check out Soi Ram Butri, which is the streets next to Khao San. Ram Butri is according to me much cosier and you’ll find a lot of good restaurants here


A lot of the skyscrapers in Bangkok are actually hotels. Some of them have a bar or even a pool at the top. A couple of years ago, a lot of hotels let you spend the day there, as long as you buy something in the restaurant/bar. The last time I was in Bangkok, you had to pay 500bath to stay in the area but with no requirements to buy anything else in the bar.


A lot of Bangkoks tourists attractions/landmarks are located along the river. A good way the get around is taking a jump on/off boat tour. Watch out for scams from people trying to sell you tickets for +1000bath. The ticket should be around 150bath for a whole day.


There are a lot of markets everywhere in Bangkok. Sometimes it feels like all you have to do is walk in any direction and sooner or later you´ll find a market. Some of the markets are open the whole day and some opens after dark. The concept of the markets are all the same, you´ll find a lot of clothes, shoes, bags, souvenirs, electronics, food etc. Some of my favourite markets are Pratunam market, Ratchada Market and Chatuchak weekend market.


There are several floating markets in the area around Bangkok. The most famous one, Damnoen Saduak, lies about 2 hours drive from the city. This is exactly as it sounds like, a market on the river. You go by boat and float around the small stalls. Some are on boats and some in the houses on the side of the canal. Here you can find all the different kinds of souvenirs, flowers or food. The easiest way to go is to book a tour at a tourist information.

There are a few other floating markets closer to downtown Bangkok such as the Khlong Lat Mayom and the Talin Chan. They are smaller than the Damnoen Saduak market but more accessible and don’ required to go by a tour.


Besides from markets, Bangkok has a lot of shopping centers. Two of the most famous is MBK Center and Siam Paragon. MBK is like a market, but indoors and 6 levels high. You can find almost anything here at really good prices. The prices are usually negotiable, so try to bargain. In Siam Center you´ll find high fashion stores for the luxury customer. 


One of my favorite things to do in Bangkok is definitely visiting a rooftop bar. There are numerous rooftop bars in Bangkok and they offer an incredible view! Some of the bars have a dress code and the drinks are usually expensive but the views makes it worth it.

Tip is to go just before sunset. That will get you the best of two worlds. First, an amazing view during daytime and then during night time when all the lights and traffic.


There are so many temples in Bangkok and a trip to the capital would not be complete without visit a few. Some of the most famous temples are Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Saket (Golden Mountain).


There are many ways to get around in Bangkok. You have the BTS (skytrain), metro, buses, taxis and tuk-tuks. I have found that the easiest way is by taxi (except during rush hour). Taxi is cheap and there are loads of them. Always go by taximeter. It is the law that you always should go by meter, however, some taxi drivers will ask for a specific price. If the do so, just say ”no, thank you” and stop the next taxi. By night time it may be hard to find a driver that wants to drive by the meter. Just kindly reject and ask the next one. If you run out of luck and no one will accept going by meter, try to negotiate a fair price. You should not pay more than 60-70 baths for a few km, maybe around 100 if you go further. 

Grab is also a good option if you don’t want the hassle of finding a good taxi (especially at night when no one wants to go by meter). Your order your car online, see the pickup and drop off point, and you can pay online or with cash. It is around the same price as a taxi with a taximeter.

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