15 Amazing aerial Photos of Railay

I have, during the years, seen so many amazing photos from this famous beach in Thailand. Last year, I finally got to visit this place for myself and take some photos of my own. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

This beach is where we spent most of our days. With crystal clear and blue water it quickly became our favorite

The sunsets was one of a kind

Favorite Photos of Bangkok

I have been in Bangkok many times now and I really like the capital of Thailand.  Bangkok is alive and it can be a little bit hard to take in all experiences the first time you explore the city. There are so many different sounds, smells and places you see, but once you get used to it, Bangkok is an amazing city!

To read more about things to do in Bangkok, click here!

The famous Wat Arun - Temple Of Dawn. 

One of Bangkoks most iconic landmarks and popular tourist attraction. The gardens around is just as beautiful as the temple itself

Bangkok is a city that never sleeps. It does'nt matter what time it is, the traffic is always hectic.

Two of Bangkok most famous streets, Chinatown and Khaosan Road

The view from the Ratchada market with hundreds of colourful tents

There are endless of temples in Bangkok which is one of the best activities to do in the city

Escape the heat and relax at a rooftop pool

This was some of my favorite photos from my trips to Bangkok!

Did you know that, the first time I was in Bangkok I didn´t like the city at all! I had no idea how to get around, what to do and just felt stressed out. Now, Bangkok is one of my favourite cities in South East Asia. There are so many things to do and to see. You just have to give it a chance!

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Touchdown Bali! 

The second week of our travel and we are definetely ready for som tropical vibes. After one week in Bangkok it was nice to just relax a few days. The first destination Seminyak!


We stayed at Taman Rosani Resort & Villa. You can read my review of our stay here.
Super nice room, pool area and the kindest staff. A great place to start our adventures in Bali.


The first day, we took a walk to get to know the area. We found som lovely rice fields on our way to the beach!

We spent most of our days at Alila resort. Even though we didn´t stayed at this resort, they let us spend our days here, relaxing at the pool area with this amazing view. Just ask in the reception if you can spend the day there, if you buy something to eat or drink!


Seminyak is such a wonderful place, with amazing restaurants and bars! There are a lot of alternatives, both for the budget backpackers and the more luxurious traveller. You can read my full guide to Seminyak here.

This is our breakfast at THE BEST breakfast place! It´s a new restaurant called Soul Bytes. They serve amazing food and the staff is really polite! I really recommend thier vegan porridge! It´s definitely the best porridge I have ever eaten! They also have great burgers, sandwiches etc. Also, their coffee is Awesome!